Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 1st

This week was great! Lots and lots of rain. One of the best rain days was definitely Sunday after our District Conference (like Stake Conference, but for branches). It started raining RIGHT as we left the other branch´s building and started the 35 minute walk back. We. Were. SOAKED. We had a fun lunch with a member though. Dominicans don´t feed missionaries dinner, they feed missionaries lunch because that´s the big meal here. Anyway the lunch was very fun! A special treat here is called concon. Do you know what it is? The burned rice at the bottom of the pot that´s stuck together with oil. Ohhhh yesssss. I don´t like it because it´s too crunchy and too tasteless. But people here almost fight over it! Elder Alarcon loves concon, so we kept calling him Elder Alarconcon during lunch because he ate so much of it hahaha.
So we´re walking down the street and I see a green sign with a big evergreen tree on the sign. I think to myself “what does a tree road sign mean?” We continue walking and we arrive at the LARGEST TREE smack in the middle of the road! Now you know if you ever see  a tree sign, that you are about to encounter a mammoth tree in the middle of the street. Consider yourself warned!
Did you guys watch the General Women´s Broadcast? Go watch it!
Also it´s October, so that means that you should be on Month 2 of The Family Missionary Plan!!! Don´t forget to meet with the Elders and to keep opening your mouth and extending invitations to people.
Also, I really loved your talk. How did you not know that it was going to take up more than the allotted time?! it was basically a novel! anyway, I really enjoyed it!
In other news, I think we´ll be doing a Christmas flashmob here in the DR in a big mall in Santiago, and if so I get to sing and dance! I´ll keep you updated.

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