Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 8th

Have you ever seen one of those TV shows or movies where a person gets stuck on a deserted island or they´re in prison or something and they start out counting the days of their confinement but after a period of time, they just loose count? That´s how it´s been in apartment A-9 here in Bonao. They days have started to blur together…I don´t know exactly when it all began…has it been 1 week? 1 month? 1 year? I don´t remember how long it´s been…since we´ve had…electricity. I´m like Jack Sparrow on that forsaken island asking “where´s all the rum? Why is all the rum gone?” Only, instead of saying “rum” I´m saying “light”. Truly, we´re never in the house so it´s not a huge issue. The only really bad thing is that we have no fridge. I never realized how essential a fridge was until now. Also I don´t know why we don´t have electricity. So don´t ask. But I trust that I´m learning something really important from this small trial haha. Also, I thank Heavenly Father every day that it´s the light and not the water. I can take a shower in the dark, but I certainly can´t turn on the lights and shower without water!
HOW WAS GENERAL CONFERENCE?!?! I loved it! One miracle was that our investigators came to the session in which Elder Bednar directed his talk at investigators!!! What good fortune!
A really fun thing we did this week was make empanadas! If you guys get the chance to try a real Dominican empanada, I would highly recommend it J
Another fun thing was this P Day we all went to the campamento where they do EFY here and played around as a Zone. We got to watch Frozen and I have never had so much fun watching a Disney movie. And you guys know how I love my Disney movies! First of all, it was super fun watching it with Latinos because they are simply hilarious people. Second of all, the voice of Anna in Spanish is so sassy and I love it. And last of all, we had a BLAST shouting along to Libre Soy, which is Let it Go in Spanish. We were all clapping and singing and even dancing a bit! We all agreed we had to rewind the movie and watch it again. Everyone cheered and hollered for Elsa as she let her true colors show! It was super fun!
I hope you guys are having a great October!
Here are pictures

Lots of love

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