Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22nd

First things first. There's power in the house again! We got our electricity back after about 2.5 weeks without light. I learned to live the rugged life and it was great. I also learned to really appreciate water. And when we got the power back, I may or may not have had a selfie photoshoot with my fan….

Other important thing: I left my first area today! I have been transferred to Santiago Norte in a place called Tierra Alta. So far I love it. and it’s a ward, not a branch! So excited to be here and to have a new companion to love. I’m just excited for something new. It was super hard for me to say goodbye to Bonao, because I truly feel like the people there are my family. And I am really sad that I won't get to see Alvaro or Paola get baptized. But maybe I can go back for that! One thing that was awesome this week was how Alvaro is just my miracle muchacho. He is honestly too good to be true. Hermana Castillo and I were visting a member who lived nearby him one evening. He was our next appointment but we had to have a woman present to teach him, so we were going to swing by his house and bring him to the member, and he was unaware of these plans. We walked out of her house to go get him and he had just pulled up on his moped! He even had his Book of Mormon and pamphlets all under the seat and ready to go! Seriously, that guy is the miracle muchacho.

One interesting thing is that here in la republica, ya Christmas viene. Christmas is here. Seriously. Last weekend everyone started decorating. The decorations are meager in comparison to the US, but you cannot deny the red and green ribbons nad blinking lights everywhere. I think that without Halloween and Thanksgiving it must be totally normal to have Chrsitmas so early. We are already singing Christmas hymns too! but I am definitely not complaining because I absolutely love Christmas. Just one of the many reasons that la republica and I are meant to be J
So this week I had an interesting experience on the guagua. That’s the public transportation here. It's like a nice minivan. So I was trying to sleep on this long guagua ride. My head was lolling back and forth as I drifted deeper and deeper into sleep. My head slipped toward my companion and I could feel, in my half-sleep state, some fingers touch my head, gently moving back into an upright position. I thought it was a little weird that she did that, but whatever. A few minutes later, my head slips her way again. I feel the fingers once more and it kind of frustrates me because it's waking me up and I just want to sleep! So the third time it happens, I feel the fingers and leave my head there. The fingers are still for a moment, and then they begin to move around in my hair, playing with it lightly. I’m thinking “what in the world is my companion doing?” when I open my eyes a crack to see that she is sound asleep. The moment I opened my eyes, the fingers retreated quickly from my hair. I tried to pretend that I was delirious and tired and imagining it. I put my head in the upright position and tried to sleep once more. At the end of the ride, I sat forward in my seat, finished resting. I heard behind me “psssst! blondie!” and turned to see an eager-eyed Dominican man behind me. “did you sleep well?” he asked. I quickly said “yeah thanks” and turned around with my eyes bulging out of my head. I’m pretty sure that playing with a strangers hair while she sleeps on public transportation crosses quite a few lines. personal bubble = popped. bleghhhh.

love you all, have a great week!

Hermana Anderson


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