Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24th

Some Dominican culture for ya: Dominicans are always like, “sit yourself.” I guess the English wording would be “sit down” but in Spanish it is literally “sit yourself” and so that´s how I hear it in my head and it makes perfect sense to me. But anyway, people here are super receptive and friendly and always invite you in to their patio—everyone here has a small, covered patio area in front of their house because it gets too hot to sit inside with walls all day. So they invite you in and immediately say “sit yourselves” and then you´re like

“oh that´s okay we´re just passing to ask about your son,”

And they say, “okay, okay but sit yourselves”

“I´m okay. So is your son home?”

“Let me go check, but sit yourselves” they retreat into their house for a minute and come back to see we´re still standing up and say “but sit yourselves”

And we´re like “thanks, is your son home?”

“no, but sit yourselves”

It´s all very friendly and kind, but it just makes me laugh in my mind that they can´t imagine that we´re actually okay with standing up for a few minutes ,ha ha.

 Miracle of the week. We had to teach a class super last minute. It´s a class we´ll be holding regularly in the branch to encourage member missionary work and teach tactics and whatnot. We were underprepared and it made me feel very uncomfortable and I was feeling really stressed when we showed up, but long story short, the Spirit guided my companion and me through THE ENTIRE lesson. I felt prompted to say and do so many things and they made an impact with the people who were in the class. I felt overwhelmingly that these people each had something to contribute to missionary work here in Bonao and that this class was essential for them to realize their potential. It was such a powerful experience. Member missionary work is so important guys!!!

Also we made Pastelon which is basically mashed potatoes layered with ground beef layered with mashed potatoes layered with cheese and then baked. Pretty durn yummy!
Here´s the links for pictures and month two of The Family Missionary Plan

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