Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15th

This week I received the golden investigator. I think most people in the course of their mission have one, maybe two of these people who are just so prepared to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. Alvaro came to church at the invitation of a friend a few weeks ago. He also attended General Conference. Due to scheduling conflicts, there was a delay in teaching him, but when we did, it wasthe best ever. We show up and he´s reading the Book of Mormon. We ask who he´d like to offer the prayer, and he says he wants to. We ask about how he came to know the church and he tells us how he´s been looking for the true church for over a year and how he has found it. For a moment I gota little disappointed, thinking that he was referring to another church. Then he tells us that watching General Conference, he KNEW, by the power of the Holy Ghost (yes, he even knew it was the Holy Ghost--this guy who´s never read the Bible until now) that this wasthe Church he was meant to find. I was ecstatic! In my mind I was thinking "we should invite him to be baptized right now" and about 5 seconds later he said "and I´m going to get baptized" WOW. What a privilege to be teaching him! WE´ve had one otherlesson so far and he has great questions and a genuine testimony and it is just amazing! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

I have no time to write, but please pray that we get our electricity back soon! I love you all! I´ll send pictures next week.

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