Monday, November 30, 2015

November 25th

Heres the weekly update

Gendraily got baptized on Saturday! But let me tell you about the horrific ordeal that went down behind the scenes.....

...It was Saturday morning when my companion and I went to clean and fill the font for Gendraily´s baptism. As we opened the doors to the font we were shocked to see about 4 inches of water in the font--dirty water. "Stinking Elder´s can´t even drain the font right!" I thought to myself. The stench of the dirty water was a little hard to bear, but we got to work trying to unstop the drain nonetheless. Despite our best efforts, the water remained. I called the Elders and explained the situation and one told me, "Oh yeah this is the worst font ever, the drain hardly works. Last time my companion and I used the plunger to get the water down. Try that. We´ll be there to help in a minute." Whelp. My companion and I got the plunger and as she was plunging awañy at the drain she started to shreek, "Compa! Compa! What IS that?!" I looked at the drain to see that dark, cloudy filth was seeping up from the drain, turning the dirty water even dirtier. As the water became darker and darker the stench grew stronger and stronger. We could no longer bear it. Retreat! Retreat! We figured that we had unclogged whatever was in the drain and decided to wait a few minutes--far from the font and the foul smell--to see if the water would go down. The Elders showed up and when we went to examine the font it looked the same. The valiant elders got into the water with buckets and begain to bail all the dirty  water out for us. When there was just a teensy bit of water and filth left, a member suddenly showed up. As she examined the scene before her with her eyes and witnessed the stench with her nose, she pieced together what had somehow managed to escape four foreigners. "Elders!" she shouted. "Get out of the font! That is POOP WATER!!!!"  Ahhhhhh!!!! The poor elders spent a good long while washing their legs off with some bleach in the bathroom sinks. But wait. There´s more. Now that we could see the drain clearly, it became evident that the poopy water continued to surge upward into the font little by little, coming from the RIM of the drain. That meant that even if we could manage to remove all water and filth, disinfect the font, plug the drain, and fill it with clean water that little by little poopy water would seep in and contaminate it all over again! And you just can´t baptize somebody in poopy water--it defeats the whole symbol of baptism!
The miracle was that we were able to hold the baptism in another chapel and it all came together quite nicely :) Gendraily is such a rockstar.

My ponderizing scripture this week is about cheerfully doing all in your power and that´s my goal for the next few days (let´s not count, okay?). DO ALL I CAN!

Love you all. Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great week!
Hermana Anderson 

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