Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 18th

We have a baptism this Saturday! Gendrailyn is 13 and is soooo prepared for the gospel. We are very excited for Saturday. in other news, we are teaching lots and lots of families with loads of potential. I feel so happy that I will be able ot leave La Vega in a good condition for the next missionary, even though I won´t get to stay to see all the progress of these people :( I really feel as though my heart belongs in this country and with these people. Can´t I just split myself in two and let one half of me stay here forever?

I love you all and I love learning to love more. That is the most important thing I am learning right now: how to develop the love of the Savior and how WONDERFUL it is.

My scripture for ponderizing this week is D&C 97;8 which talks about how we need to have honest and broken hearts, contrite spirits, and be willing to make ANY sacrifice the Lord would require of us to be accepted of Him. This verse helps me understand how I can gauge (I can´t remember English words anymore) if I am humble enough before the Lord. For example, if I feel that something is too big a sacrifice and it is hard for me to make that sacrifice for God, then I know that something needs to change in me and I need to break my heart a bit more and make my spirit more contrite. I know that it is thrugh our sacrificies that the Lord gives us our greatest blessings.

Have a great week. I love you all!
Hermana Anderson

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