Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8th

Happy belated fourth of July to everyone! After having lived in a 3rd world country for a year I think I have a new level of gratitude and understanding of how blessed we are to be Americans. We enjoy so many freedoms and such a high level of comfort in basically all aspects of life. Our country truly is a blessed nation. I´m proud to be an American!

I love the DR very much too. We celebrated the 4th with cheeseburgers and mango juice. We also had a fun weekend as we sent off a missionary (Luis Pena) from the ward. It was surreal to watch the family spend their last week together (we live on the second floor of their house) and to see a farewell and to remember having the same experience last year. It is kind of bizarre that a whole bunch of young people from all over the world decide to leave their families, friends, and lives behind to go to unknown lands to work their tails off. They make no money, they put their studies and jobs on hold. And why? It´s because the gospel is true and it´s worth sharing. In fact, it´s our duty and privilege to share it. The missionary force of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is just one of the many "good fruits" that can be seen from Christ´s true gospel. It is a marvelous work and a wonder!
Funny story of the week: Last night Hermana Blanch and I were going to make some hot chocolate. I was boiling the little chocolate bars (they don´t use powder) in water with a a bit of cinnamon for a while. After it was all melted it still was a little tasteless so I went to add a couple more dashes of cinnamon. The smell seemed off and so I looked at the bottle....I had grabbed the Cajun seasoning instead of the cinnamon. I drank a few sips of it while it was still piping hot, but once it cooled down and I could actually taste it I had to dump it down the sink. I wasted a whole pot of hot chocolate!!!! Read labels, everybody. 

Have a great week,
Hermana Anderson

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