Friday, July 17, 2015

July 16th

Transfers happened! Hermana Blanch got shipped off to Constanza, the only place on this island that isn´t sweltering hot (the lucky duck!) and I received my nueva compañera, Hermana Bonilla. She is Nicaraguan by birth, but has lived in Guatemala her whole life. We are excited to work together!

Interesting thing I learned this week in my studies: repenting is super different than simply satisfying the law of justice. I kind of always imagined in my mind that if someone died without repenting they would pay their debt in suffering and the scales would be balanced perfectly and that repenting did the exact same thing and that the only difference was that repentance didn´t involve suffering. But I learned that repenting is SO much more than that. If I take the opportunity to repent, I GROW. I am CHANGED. Someone who doesn´t repent simply pays to balance the scales and remains the same unperfect someone that they were and will always be. Christ didn´t perform his great atoning sacrifice so that we could maintain our human frailties with debts paid. He atoned for our sins so that we could OVERCOME them with his help and so that we can be perfected. "What manner of me ought ye to be? Even as my Father" we are to be perfected through repentance because of Christ´s atonement. So don´t put off repentance ever. That is essentially putting off the opportunity to be more like God. Who would choose to do that? 

The Guzman family is doing great! Just waiting on a couple documents to get married and baptized. We played a game at church last night and one of the questions we had to answer was "if you could visit anywhere in the world where would you want to go?" And Brother Guzman said the temple! Everyone else was saying Egypt or NYC and he picked the temple :) 

Sorry I didn´t write yesterday by the way--there was no power ALL day! Well until 7 or 8. But it´s back now :)

Love you all
Hermana Anderson

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