Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1st

What a week! Lots of funny and quirky things have happened here like always. The work is going well. The summer is hot. My companion is the bomb. I can't believe it's JULY. But let me tell you about the miracle of the week:
EMILIA AND GERBINSON ARE GETTING MARRIED. They are a GREAT couple we are teaching and they love the church but wanted to wait until December to tie the knot. We kept encouraging them and so did all of the members to not put off their baptism. We were worried we had pressed the issue too much so we held off for a bit. But on Sunday when we brought it up again, expecting them to tell us no once more, they said YES! They will be married and baptized this month. I cannot describe the sheer bliss that overtakes my heart when moments like that happen. Two more of God's favorite children are taking a big leap back toward Him.
I am studying a lot about the Atonement of Christ right now. I just want to encourgage all of you to take a moment to meditate about what the ATonement really means to you. Where would you be in your life if it didn't exist? How can you utilize it more? As Jospeh Smith taught, all things other than the Atonement are just appendages to our religion.

The Atonement is central, and as such, it deserves our most heartfelt sutdy and focused attention. Take some time this week to mediate about the ATonement. A great time to revel in the wonder that is the infinite Atonement of Christ would be as you take the sacrament on Sunday. Make it special. Make it holy. Give thanks to your Redeemer for His personal and perfect sacrifice.
Love you all,
Hermana Anderson

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