Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 4th

It´s been a windy week! It has been interesting to have a transfer where my life stays the same. Same companion, same area, same members, SAME COMPANION. That´s a first. But I like it. I feel like the time actually goes faster when things remain more constant.

I actually don´t have that much to report this week. I´m learning to cook foods and we´re teaching lots of lessons and doing lots of service. I have spent a lot of time weeding and clearing fields and whatnot. Mangos and guayabas (guava) are in season again which is great. I´m still mindblown that it´s March! I´m getting really excited for General Conference and EASTER. 

My recommended reading for this week is Alma 5. Alma poses quite a lot of penetrating questions in this chapter and it is a really great time for self-reflection. After reading that chapter I would also recommend reading the General Conference talk from Elder Klebingat
which gives inspired advice about how to confidently respond to the questions posed by Alma.

I would like to share with you all my testimony of the veracity of the Book of Mormon. No book has had so profound an influence on humanity nor can it have so profound an influence on every individual. It contains the complete gospel of Jesus Christ and a sincere study of the book brings with it the power to change you to become more like Him. It was written by inspired men who saw our day and is the key to preparing the kingdom of God on earth to receive the Lord in His not-too-distant Second Coming. The Book of Mormon is the word of God.


Have a wonderful week,
Hermana Anderson 

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