Friday, March 13, 2015

March 11th

The work rolls forth in Tierra Alta. Hermana Funes and I have been teaching lots of great lessons to great people. We have also had a lot of fun in the kitchen this week. Our inventures include:
-Pupusas. This is a typical Salvadorenan dish. Basically it is a small tortilla stuffed with cheese and refried beans. So delicious. 
-Guava-banana bread. I make banana bread like every week here because the members LOVE it and it's super fast and easy. But the other day someone gave us a bag of too-ripe guavas and I figured I would try to invent guava-banana bread. I was very pleased with the results and so were the members. My companion said that I need to go to culinary school to study baking...I'm assuming that it was a compliment and not an insult hahaha
-For P-Day Eve we made smores over the stove and they were delicious!
We had a fun ward activity playing a human version of chutes and ladders. Every time you landed on a "sin"you had to slide down and when you did things like read scriptures and bring friends to church you got to climbthe ladders!
A funny thingthat happened this week: so basically all day people try to speak english to us. They are usually teegs (tigres, aka punks) and so we usually ignore them. They other day someone walked past us saying things
like "hello how ah you baby"and when we didn't respond he said in spanish, "Hey! I'm bilingual! I speak every language!" Hermana Funes said to me, "I'm bilingual, but I only speak two"hahaha. 
Keep loving life and living the gospel. Start thinking about Easter and the anniversary of the Savior's miraculous resurrection. Share the message of His triumph over death with someone you love.

Have a great week!
Love Hermana Anderson
Here are pictures

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