Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25th

This has been a great week! We had a baptism on Sunday and pretty much the whole ward was there--it was incredible.

On Monday we spent the morning painting a house. It felt like a long time to me, because we painted for 6 hours (6 missionaries). But we painted the inside and outside and finished. Can you imagine being able to paint your whole house in a few hours? While we were painting we had to entertain a little kid too. He was adorably chubby and his pants refused to stay above his bum--he looked like a little plumber! I asked him how old he was and he said a number and then another elder asked him how many girlfriends he had. Instead of saying another number, he pointed to me and said "that one" hahaha. 

Hermana Funes and I are starting another transfer here in Tierra Alta and I am so grateful. I really love Santiago and the members here. I´m going to need more suitcases so i can smuggle some Dominicans home with me haha. This week we branched out in foods a bit, enjoying salchipapas and dominican hotdogs and cheesefries. here they put lettuce and carrots and peppers and cheese on the hotdogs and theyre really good. salchipapas are frenchfires covered in sliced hot dog with ketchup mayonaise and cheese sauce all over them. also delicious. did i already tell you what yaroa is? fries layered with meat layered with ketchup mayonaise and cheese layered with fries layered with more cheese. oh it is heaven on earth. The dominicans know how to take all of the good´n´greasy american foods and crank them up a notch. 

This week I have been really touched by Mosiah 5. I recommend you take a moment to give it a read and then ponder it. 

Lots of lovins
Hermana Anderson

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