Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25th

It has been another great week!

One of the highlights was a multizone conference we had with Elder Martinez of the 70. He spoke in the past general conference. He and his wife are both awesome and taught us a lot! Zone conferences are always really enlightening and fun, but this conference was especially wonderful.

We witnessed a ton of miracles this week, but I would say that the biggest would be that Junior is back on track. Its a really really long story, but basically we thought that he had developed an aversion t othe gospel and to us and that he had blocked our phone number, was avoiding us, and didn{t want anything to do with the churhc. Well, we saw him in the street and invited him to an activity and he came. THEN we met up with him a few days later and he was really mysterious and kept syaing he wanted to say things but didn{t know how (last time he gave us that speech it was to tell us that we shouldnt waste our time with him). So anyway we finally got him comfortable and do you know what he said? "What do I have to do if I want to be baptized?" Turns our he has a new class on Sundays anrd that his phone is legitimately ruined and basically he wasnt avoiding us at all and he wants to be baptized in 3 months when his class is over! After that evening I went home clapping my hands with joy and saying "i am in love, i am in love! with being a missionary!!!!!" 

Funny and adorable story from the week. Brett is 3. A few days ago he was really sick and so his dad laid his hands on his head and gave him a blessing. He got better. Last night Brett{s dad got sick. In the middle of the night his dad was miserable and Brett said, "Dad come here" and put his hands on his dad{s head and said a prayer. HIs dad got better.

This week has also been one of the best food weeks of my life. I love natural fruit and vegetables. And I love Hermana Funes and her Salvadoren{a cooking talents and inventions. I wish I had time to tell you all of the delicious things we have created this week but I think it would just cause lots of envy, so I shall refrain. 

I love you all very much!

HAve a great week

Here are pictures

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