Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 11th

This week has been really great! February is going to be a great month. We´ve got a couple baptisms coming up, some really fun activities awaiting us, and all the total craziness of Carnaval! (see photos from this week for an example)

Anthony in his Carnaval costume
This week was an exciting one for me as far as study goals go. I finished reading the Bible Dictionary, the General Conference Addresses, the talks from our Santiago Mission Folder, and el Libro de Mormon--all within a few days of each other! Now I´m not exactly sure where to start my studies, haha. But I just wanted to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon. It is the word of God--no matter what language it´s written in. I know that to be true and I know that all who read it with a sincere interest to know of its truth will receive a spiritual witness of the truth of the Book of Mormon for themselves.

Miracle: one investigator we´ve been teaching a lot is Junior. He is one of my absolute favorite people I have taught and I have never wanted to badly for anyone to have the gospel as I have wanted it for him. Was that bad grammar? I apologize if so! Hopefully I´m semi-comprehensible. Anyway, for almost a week we felt like he was avoiding us and I was heartbroken. He didn´t answer or return our calls, he seemed to have left his house just as we were arriving. I was discouraged and frustrated. But during a fast, I included him in my prayers and that very night, he answered the phone and came to have a lesson with us! God answers prayers, everybody. I promise you that!

Funny story: Hermana Funes and I are walking down the street and a guy stops us to talk to us. This is how I think the conversation goes:
I'm an Ice Creamaholic

Guy: Hi, I´m Colic!

Me: Nice to meet  you!

Guy: I´m Colic!

Me(a little confused): Colic is your name?

Guy: Luis

I´m thinking, "if his name is Luis, then what is a colic?"

He keeps talking to us and saying all sorts of lunacies. My companion is frozen in awe-disgust at my side. Finally I just say "Nice talking to you, bye!" And we walk away. I ask my companion why she just stood there and she asks me, "why did you say ´nice to meet you?¨´ Apparently this is how the conversation actually went:

Guy: Hi, I´m alcoholic!

Me: Nice to meet you!

Guy: I´m alcoholic!

Me: Your name is colic?

You get the idea....In my defense, drunk Dominican Spanish is veeeery difficult to understand, haha.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the pictures

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