Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 18th

It has been a really fun week! We were booked with activities, baptisms, birthdays, and dinners and we had a blast.

A highlight was definitely the baptism of Ana Mendez Gomez. Hermana Douglas even came and we did a violin and voice duet. Ana's parents are members and she met with the missionaries a long time ago, she just had to get married before she could be baptized. It has been such a pleasure teaching her, because she has such a profound understanding of the gospel and firm faith in her Savior. Not to mention, the entire family is wonderful and Hermana Lidia (her mother) has taken it upon herself to make her home our home away from home. 
Valentine's Day was a surprisingly large festivity here. We had a great ward activity and the whole weekend there was some sort of event going on. Hermana Funes and I celebrated with heart-shaped pancakes (see the pictures!)

There were lots of funny things this week, but I think the pictures will probably do more justice than written word. 

We had an awesome P Day today! We spent the night in the mission home so that we could get up at the crack of dawn and run to the monument with Hermana Douglas and a few other missionaries. It was a lovely run and the rising sun on the monument was picture-perfect! We enjoyed some time in the mission home afterwards, took hot showers (I can't even describe the simple pleasure of warm water), played a couple rounds of paintball, had lunch with some missionaries. Successful P Day by my count. And now we're off to work!
I want to bear my testimony of simple miracles. This week there were a handful of small and simple miracles. But the Book of Mormon teaches us that it is precisely these small and simple things that the Lord uses to bring to pass greater things. Miracles happen every day and are often worked through the hands of the servants of the Lord. Try participate in the working of a miracle this week!

Love you all


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