Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31st

Today we went on a hike in Los Cocos to see a couple waterfalls--just your normal P Day here en la Republica. A couple notable things on the way up the mountain: 1) I could see my breath. YES. It was slightly chilly early in the morning and SO humid that you could indeed see your breath. b) we passed a man walking on the trail. And then I did a double take because he was dressed in an enormous black suede and fur coat, the kind that goes to your ankles. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE JUNGLE. He probably was only wearing the coat too hahaha. iii) we also passed a split pig. When I say split, I truly mean that he was sliced down the middle and then split open. Guts facing up to the sky! They even let me hold the knife and take a couple photos. What fun! Anyway, the waterfalls were gorgeous, as was the surrounding nature. I love this country. It has been so well-preserved in so many areas. Lush and flourishing trees on every side. We picked fresh oranges from one and I cannot even describe how delicious they were. Ah, the island life.

I am loving the work as much as ever and am looking forward to 2015! What a special year it will be spending almost all 365 days completely dedicated to the work of the Lord. I pray that each of you will make some resolutions to help draw closer to Christ this year. That's what He desires most for each of us, and I promise that there is nothing more joyful than living the path that He has walked and following His perfect example.

Hermana Anderson

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