Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17th

This week has been great!
We had a really fun multi-sone conference for Christmas yesterday. Each zone prepared a fun skit or performance and our zone did a dance...but it was no ordinary dance! It was  a dance de los enanitos! A dance of the midgets! What you do is dress the bottom half of your body and then wear a plastic bag on top and you look like an enanito! We wiggled around the stage to Mariah Carey´s All I want for Christmas is You while one of the Elders who is waaaay funny was dressed as Santa Claus, lip syncing and dancing like a maniac. It was hilarious and clearly (and without any bias whatsoever) the funniest skit of all!
We had great lessons from both President and Hermana Douglas. Sister Douglas talked about having Christs image in our countenance. Do people truly recognize us as His disciples? Have we truly taken His name upon us? I would encourage all of you to read Alma 5 and ponder the questions therein. President Douglas talked about becoming like Peter. We analyzed scriptures about Peter pre- and post-resurrection of Christ. It seems that Peter was always one to follow the beckonings of the Savior without second thought, but that he had fear and doubt at times, specifically fear of man. But after the resurrection all of the stories with Peter feature him unabashedly and valiantly proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ at whatever cost. President then related each of us to Peter. We have all heeded the call of the Savior to leave our boats and become fishers of men. We have all stpped out onto the stormy sea not really knowing exactly what will come. We all doubt at times. But how can we personally realize the change that Peter experienced? How can we become strong and converted and fearless as he was? I suspect that each of our answers is different. But I would challenge each of you to ponder about what you can do in your life to become more like Peter and make that your Christmas gift to the Savior this coming year. Write it down and keep it somewhere until next Christmas and then evaluate how you´ve done. I promise that the Lord will bless you and enable you in your efforts.
Guess what we did for P Day this week? We went paintballing! And it was suuuuper fun! Tell Brendan we´re totally going paintballing when I come home and that I will SHOOT HIM mwahahahahaha. Because I love him that much. 
Hermana Vera is teaching me to dance bachata and salsa. Im gonna have Latina hips when I come home, so be prepared!
Hey if you want to see a cute Christmas service video that took place in the DR, check this out!  This is basically what the country looks like everywhere, except the beach is an extra touch.
Have a great week! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Love Hermana Anderson

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