Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 3rd

This week has been a tad crazy!

First story: I've been learning how to talk to strangers a lot more and I had a crazy funny experience. So I'm on a bus and after arguing with myself for 15 minutes I finally started a converstation with the man next to me. We proceeded to chat for the rest of the ride! He was showing me pictures of his family on his phjone and then even food. He showed me a picture of a delicious stuffed potato and I said I wanted the recipe. He said "Why don't you just come over for lunch on Sunday!"and I didn't really think he'd remember, so I said yes. Sure enough on Saturday he calls to tell us what time to come. We showed up the next day and his family was SO happy to see us! They were snapping photos sand everything! So random! Apparently he's actually from Bethlehem so that was cool to talk about. And then all of a sudden his wife shuts the blinds and tells us to hide and that when this lady walks in we need to sing happy birthday because it's a surprise....and so as a lady walks in we're all singing and the lady is so happy and runs up to hug me and there's a huge festivity about how it's her birthday.,...we had no idea! Anyway, they had DELICIOUS food and they were INCREDIBLY nice. Hopefully they will take the lessons and be batpized because if not I'm not technically supposed to keep hanging out with them and that would be incredibly tragic.

Other story: We got to take care of adorable kittens for a little while and it was super fun! We fed them milk through a eye dropper. haha

Not much time today but I love you all and hope all is well. Miss you!

Hey just so you know the family mission plan starts NOW. The page is already uploaded in google drive, here is the link 
start it now and let me know how it's going! 


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