Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 10th

Thereis no time for writing thisweek! But here´s what´s new: my companion! Hermana Colton finished her mission today!!!! I am so sad to see her go because we truly became best friends, but Iknow we´ll be hanging out a ton forthe rest of our lives! My new comp isHErmana Castillo from Mexico and I just met her today but she seemssweet and driven and on the ball! It will be interesteing to see how it goes since both of us have just finished our own training and are basically as fresh asit gets in the mission field.

This week we had another wonderful encounter with....THE MYSTERY MURK. Only thistimeinstead of being a standstill lagoon, there was an additional riverrapid part since we were walking uphill through the murk. we were dodging diapersand bottles and all sorts of stuff as it came whizzing down the river of murk....I think I even saw a pig snout float past me! 

I also enjoyed a special dinner in the mission home as a result of Hermana Colton leaving this transfer. Itwas quite the treatto eat with Presidentand Hermana Douglas--they´re incredible!

Major events of this week mainly involved getting drenched.Forsome reason, it just POURED. I also rodeway too many guaguas this week. Lots of back and forth between Santiago and Bonao. 

Sorry that I don´t really have any cool storiesfor thisweek, but I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

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