Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27th

Okay so this week.
Miracle story: Our investigator told us about a dream she once had and it was almost exactly Lehi´s visión of the Tree of Life. We left her that chapter to read, and so I really hope she realizes the truth of the Book of Mormon!
Delicious story:Hermana Colton and I had a lot of fun making crepes and filling them with that delicious chocolate spread mom sent. To. Die. For.
Dominican things: So the electricity has been incredibly unreliable this week. I don´t know if you guys ever imagine what it looks like when I´m teaching a lesson, but i doubt that you imagine it by candlelight. That´s been pretty typical most evenings here. But it´s nice because it makes things more reverent I think! This makes it very difficult to cook. Sometimes when I´m cooking, I actually feel like I´m camping. Like, all we have is a stove and a few utensils and plates and pots that we clean with dirty wáter and sometimes there´s no light. Sounds exactly like camp cooking to me! I´ve always loved camping :)
Embarassing story: I saw cows running this week. Have you ever seen a cow run? Just picture it. Funny, right?
Other funny story: during our branch activity this week we played a game and I ended up indicating that one of the elders was my eternal companion and it was really embarrassing haha.
Thing I learned: Member missionary work is super under-estimated and under-utilized. Basically every talk or book or ANYTHING I´ve read or Heard this week has been about member missionary work. I just realized how important it was. So. I´m developing a super awesome plan for all yáll to learn how to be member missionaries. And then you guys get to be part of the Lord´s work and His glory! You get to help bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man! Hopefully I´ll have the plan ready by next week. Be ready because I am SO serious about this. It´s going to be incredible!

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