Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 14th

This week´s scripture is Doctrine and Covenants 50:34 "He that receiveth of God, let him aaccount it of God; and let him rejoice that he is accounted of God worthy to receive." I love this verse so much. It teaches so many principles! We need to recognize that all things we receive truly do come from God and we need to THANK Him. We also need to feel thankful that we acted in a manner worthy to receive. That means that we also need to be constantly living in such a way that we are worthy to receive more! God wants to give us blessing after blessing, so be sure to live worthy of them and make certain that you rejoice as you recognize His hand in your life.

What scripture are you ponderizing this week?

Funny story from this week. So in the DR it is very very common for everyone´s name to NOT be their actual name. You meet them and they tell you their name is "Dulce" but then you find out later that their name is "Carmen Altagracia Rosario Jimenez" and that Dulce is just what everyone calls her. Such is the case with a man we are teaching named Moreno. Or I guess I could better say that he is CALLED Moreno. We wanted to know his real name so we determined we´d ask in the next lesson. We got there and only his wife was home and we sat on the porch, and I watched in horror as three boys swam, submerging their faces and everything, in the filthy canal water. I don´t even want to go into what sort of waste lurks beneath the surface of that water. Apparently I was so engrossed in this horrifying scene that I completely missed the conversation going on right next to me. My companion asked what Moreno´s real name was and they continued to have a conversation about how Moreno´s real name is Luis Alberto and how all of her sons are Jose Luis and Juan Luis and Carlos Luis so that they all have the name of their dad. That conversation was allllllll about Moreno´s name. They must have repeated it a million times. And when they stopped talking I focused back in and we were about to start the lesson and I said abruptly, "Wait! Before we start! What´s Moreno´s real name?" My companion looked at me with a face that said "Is she being serious?" And when she realized I was, she burst into laughter. Upon seeing my confusion, she explained that they had just discussed that for 5 minutes and then I stupidly repeated the question as if the conversation never happened! Lesson to all: don´t let your children swim in filthy canals.

Have a great week!
Hermana Anderson
(sorry no pictures, they won´t upload)

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