Friday, November 28, 2014

November 28th

Wow, so I´ve had so little time these past few p days because I´ve been SO busy because WONDERFUL THINGS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING. 

1) I went back to Bonao for a baptism. Ahhhhh the joy! I saw SO many people who I love SO much. And it was only for a few minutes because the baptism started late and there was a mishap with transportation so we had to leave early. I didn´t even get to witness the baptism! But I´m not disappointed in the slightest because that wasn´t the part that mattered to me. There was such strong love when I got to see Paola and all the other ward members. Ah the gospel unifies us in ways we don´t even comprehend.

b) We had the most adorable primary program here in Tierra Alta. My favorite part was definitely when Perla (who reminds me a bit of a slightly younger Hannah Kaloi) got up to give a short talk. She had worked and practiced and you could tell because of her flawless execution. At the end she was going to conclude with an unscripted testimony. She got about 7 words about before bursting into tears. I mean that as literally as possible. She kind of shouted a little sob in the middle of her testimony, covered her face, and ran away from the microphone. Strangely, this made me incredibly happy. It was kind of cool how she felt the spriti so strongly and immediately was overcome--it totally took her by suprise and I loved it.

iii) I WENT TO THE BEACH. That´s right! The Carribbean beach. Be jealous. But not too much because Thou Shalt Not Covet. And also I was only there for like 20 minutes and I didn´t go swimming or read a book on a chair or build a sandcastle, so it wasn´t thaaaaaat awesome. But it was thaaaaat gorgeous. We got to go because we were visitng Hermana Allen´s old area. It´s super far away. Look up Samana´. We had to drive like 3.5 hours to get there. But I didn´t mind because AIR CONDITIONED CAR and also it was 3.5 hours driving through the most beautiful country on earth. Ah la republica, she sings the song of my soul. Prettiest beach I´ve ever been to. 

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