Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November 12th

So yesterday we had a really great zone conference. Hermana Douglas asked us what our life plans were. After listing several items she then asked if any of us have planned for the loss of a child or the development of cancer? Have we planned to have depression or to get divorced? Have we planned for our personal Gethsemanes? Of course no one actually plans for those things, but we encounter problems when we look at life and say "That wasn't part of my plan and that's not fair and now I'm angry/giving up/blaming God." We have to learn how to live through our Gethsemanes and receive the trials we face with full knowledge that God is providing us an opportunity to become perfected. He tells us "behold the marks of the nails in my hands and feet" because that was partof his perfection. I read a while ago in The Continuous Atonement that we are like marble. We are beautiful not in spite of the dark veins that run through us, but because of them. Without those veins, marble would like plastic-y and artificial. But when we let the atonement enable us through our trials, we become beautifully polished and authentic. 
I think I might have given you guys a little too much to do with the family missionary plan, but if you guys can try to do something weekly, even if you don't finish all the assignments within the month, I know it will be a huge blessing.
I hope you guys have a great birthday celebration for daddy!
And a great week!
Enjoy the cold weather for me!
Much love

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