Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20th

This week went by so fast! Let me explain some of the pictures. So a lot are from a river trip we went on last p day. And by river trip, I mean we loaded people into a guagua (we have a new record! 21 people in one guagua! That would be like 21 people in a Honda Odyssey) and then walked to a river and put our toes in and ate guacamole and chips. Twas a great day. I´m getting a really silly tan on my feet from wearing my kenes a lot haha. Oh and the watch tan is coming niiiiiice.

I made my first ever fresh juice! Cereza! Which is the Word for cherry, but Dominican cherries are not at all like American cherries. Oh and I ate my first avocado. Twas quite good. Although a lot less flavorful tan I imagined haha. But I think it´s prime avocado and mango season right now because at all the colmados, the mangos and avocados are just HUGE and the mangos are SO DELICIOUS.

The other photos are from this week´s p day at los quemados. That´s where they have efy here! it´s super awesome. they have grass-roofed cabins to sleep in and it´s just completely gorgeous there. we had a super fun day with all the missionaries and some local kids playing soccer and baseball and having an epic water balloon-capture-the-flag battle in the pouring rain. I´ve never been so soaked! it was super fun. We also made the largest batch of spaghetti that the world has ever known. Mom, I put in the picture of the chicken foot just for you. yes we cook that with spaghetti and yes people like to eat that part. The video is of this super awesome twirly thing that is like a Little roller coaster for your backyard! I think Americans should start getting these for playgrounds because they´re so fun!

A funny story from the week would be when I woke up with an eye infection (don´t flip out, I´m totally healed now and it was only bad for like 12 hours). Anyway, I couldn´t even open my eye it hurt so bad, but I kept tyring and they were so red and Hermana Colton, referring to how obvious my pain was, said. "oh it hurts my eyes just looking at you" and I said "that´s not very nice" hahaha.

We´re teaching a really wonderful family--the Familia Peña. They have 16 and 11 year old sons. And all of them are so ready for the góspel. We´re planning on their baptism for sept 13th, and we are so excited! It´s just amazing to see how God leads you to the people who are prepared. Another really important thing for all you people out there Reading this blog is that this family was referred to us by a member and that member has been present at every single lesson and stops by other times during the week. I think that the support of this member has been monumentally influential in the teaching of the family. Put this into practice with your own Ward!

One other thing is that we got haircuts at the salón! Dominican women go to the salón all the time because they have super curly hair which they hate, and so they always get it straightened. So yeah, we got our hair washed, then put in ginormous curlers in a big mound on our heads, then sat in the super hot furnace of devilish fire for your head machine, and then they even took the hottest blow dryer of my life to dry it even more! also it was like 90 degrees outside. so yeah, just super hot. but my hair was like a beautiful river of silk afterwards so I felt like a princess and it was worth it.

love you all! enjoy the pics!

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