Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 19th

My companion is a Dominican pioneer descendant. Her grandparents were baptized six months after the country was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel. Really, there are so many people in this country who have pioneered the work of the Lord. They are brave souls who have made many sacrifices. They saved their money for years to be able to fly to Guatemala and receive their endowments--and they are now blessed to host the only temple in the Area del Caribe in the capital. They are stalwart saints and it is an honor to learn from them!

I really like La Vega (everyone here makes jokes about how it is the dominican Las Vegas, even though I´ve not seen a single casino or hotel). I´m in a branch once more, but the building has two branches, with four missionaries in each one and about 10 or 15 minutes away there is another branch with four missionaries. SO MANY OF US IN SUCH PROXIMITY. It´s kind of great actually. 

One really cool thing I am learning is how we are really all the same. Sometimes you teach people who sleep on the floor and don't have bathrooms in their home and barely own enough clothing for their family. They live in the humblest of circumstances. I see them at first and think, "how unfair that they have to live in such miserable circumstances" but then I realize that they´re not miserable. Sure, they struggle much more than most of us, but they still have come to this earth to get everything they need. They have bodies that work just as well as mine, they have families and memories just as precious as mine, and they know God exists just as much as I do. Why does indoor plumbing make any difference? It doesn´t. We are all children of our Father in Heaven and He loves us ALL. 

Have a great week!
Hermana Anderson

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