Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 22nd

Esperanza was hot like an oven this week. Thank goodness for delicious juice and coconut ice cream! Hermana Blanch and I have more and more fun every day together. We really are so similar in so many ways and sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself! (not because she isn´t listening, haha, because she responds just like I would.)
Ramon got baptized on Saturday! He is so happy and is a great addition to the ward.

We are having lots of success with less active members as well. Word of advice for all you members out there: RETAIN YOUR MEMBERS. Be their friends. Love them. Sit with them. Serve them. Nurture them with the good word of Christ. God loves them so much and He relies on YOUR help to support them in the crucial moment of falling away or enduring through trial.

On Saturday I get to go to Santo Domingo. Know why? I AM GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!! That´s right. I cannot explain my excitement and joy. I will probably talk all about it next week. So excited!

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