Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4th

So Bonao is really cool! AND SO ARE MY COMPANIONS! We´re emailing today because they didn´t get to on their pday because they were being good hostesses and helping me unpack and whatnot. We´ve had lots of appointments and things to do. Apparenlty I showed up on a really busy week! Yesterday Ester y Jose Luis got married (just the legal paper signing) and tomorrow they will be baptized and there will be a reception! So neat! That means I might get to go to the temple with them in a year.

One incredible thing yesterday was teaching a boy named Marcos. He´s been investigating for a while and walks to church every Sunday by himself. The sisters told me that he was Smart and a really great investigator but WOW. That kid almost brought me to tears when he was telling us the things he knew and had learned by Reading all the pamphlets. It was just unbelievable. He´s 12 years old. Hopefully he will decide to be baptized in 2 weeks. He is definitely ready!

So far no cockroaches in the house. No spiders. The power has only gone out twice. And just for less than 30 minutes. The shower Works when the power is out, so it´s okay. but the wáter is ICE. Which is sometimes nice...but not always. Also, we have a moth friend who likes to fly into the apartment and chill on the Wall. he is huge. Like, the size of a small bat. But he just keeps to himself on the Wall, so it´s all good.

Sorry for the bad spelling, the computer thinks I´m writing in Spanish and is taking the liberty of correcting a lot of my words.
Oh and I don´t have a single mosquito bite! Knock on Wood.

Yesterday there was an apocalyptic flood. The day before it was super overcast and seemed like it was going to rain really hard but then it only rained a Little. But then yesterday it got overcast and there was a torrential downpour. We were at the church building for some interviews and I was having the time of my life in the rain. We caught a taxi home with the elders (we fit all 8 of us in the sedan. very normal here) and I didn´t know if the car was going to make it because the streets had become sooooo full of water! It was spraying all over and making waves big enough for wáter sports. All the people on their motos were still driving through the wáter though. It was pretty exciting. The wáter was flowing so fast over the streets that on parts where there were bumps, it looked like there were rapids up ahead haha. I guess this happens a lot when it rains here. But it´s not so bad because within an hour, it´s pretty much all gone.

This internet café doesn´t have a place to put my SD card, so I can´t give you pictures this time. Maybe on Wednesday.
But just know that in the spirit of the 4th of July we are all wearing Red and White and Blue!

Con amor,
Hermanan Anderson

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