Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 2nd

I made it here safe and sound! It's very muggy here and reminds me a lot of Cabo. My first area will be Bonao which is basically the center of the island with a whole bunch of rice and coco fields. I'll be in a trio with Hermanas Parker and Colton (dos Americanas!) for 4 weeks until the new missionaries arrive. President and Sister Douglas are just wonderful and I feel very blessed to have them as my mission presidents. Sister Douglas will probably try to appease your fears of the dangers of missionary work in Santiago by telling you about a lot of dangerous things that happen everywhere. Which probably will be of no comfort to you, so don't freak out. I think what she means is that our risk perception is flawed. She's not trying to scare you! So far the only  scary thing is the traffic, but what are you going to do?
My P-Days are Wednesdays, not Mondays. I can't wait to get to Bonao and meet my companions and get started!!!

Much love,
Hermana Anderson

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