Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30th, part II

Time at the MTC is inexplicable. The first 4 days felt like 4 years. But this last week or so has seemed to slip through my fingers like a bar of soap.

I have become rather attached to the people in my district and am sad to be saying goodbye this evening. I've learned so much from them and they've made the MTC experience beyond fun.

Some great memories I think I'll always have from the MTC are:
-Playing volleyball during gym time and just having a total blast
-Hermana Vargas laughing at Hermano Wood (our teacher) for basically EVERYTHING that ever happened. Not making fun of him, she just thought he was hilarious...he's not....but it was funny that she thought it was funny

-Always singing with Hermana Robles
-That awkward moment when you're shaking an elder's hand and talking to them and then you realize you are still holding hands and then you both flinch away for fear of excommunication

-Doing facials with the zone girls in our apartment
-Elder Thompson and his neverending history of skating (not skateboarding, skating!)
-Watching the adorable ducklings in the little creek at RainTree

-Hearing Elder Nilsson's "On the Wall" talk
-Watching the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar
-Seeing the Perry's devotional (I cannot even express how much I enjoyed that!)

-Flipping out at the cafeteria because they had Blueberry Muffin Square cereal which is THE BEST EVER
-Elder Soto reenacting how he shook D Todd Christofferson's hand for the MILLIONTH time
-Laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe. Seriously, these people here are hilarious. I can't even explain. I love them so much!

It's been a great experience here and I am really thrilled to be heading off to the DR tomorrow!!!!! It's finally here!

Funny story: So last night some people from our district were preparing their suitcases for departure. We had a scale to make sure we weren't over the weight limit and Hermana Robles stepped on it and said she'd gained 10 pounds since she got here! (It ended up that she misread a number, and was the exact same....) So she was fussing about herself because she thought she'd put on a ton of weight and Elder Butler goes, "Don't worry! You lose it all when you die!" And it was just super funny. It kind of reminds me of something Brendan would say, haha. 

Nuther one funny story: The guys told me this one. Apparently Elder Cuevas was sitting next to a couple guys he didn't know. The one right next to him turns and says "puedo?" which means "can I?" and Elder Cuevas just kinda looks at him and is like "puedes que...?" and the guy just keeps going "puedo?" and Elder Cuevas is like, "what's going on" haha. So then Elder Soto, who is super easy going, shows up and here's the guy ask "puedo?" and he automatically says "Sure!" Then the puedo guy just farts nice and easy. HA! So for the rest of the week whenever there was any sort of silence SOMEONE would just go "puedo?" and we'd all start laughing hahahaha. No farts of course. I think.

Cool thing I learned: We got to watch an incredible video of a talk given by Elder Bednar in the MTC a few years ago. I think it is called The Character of Christ. YOU MUST READ THIS TALK. It is really phenomenal. It is long. But it is phenomenal. Read it. I will share with you what I gleaned from it. That does not mean you are off the hook for reading. You must still read the whole thing. But what I learned was that essentially, the Character of Christ is putting off the natural man. How do you do that? You stop turning inward (always thinking about yourself or wanting others to focus on you) and instead you turn outward (focusing on others, even when the natural man would be focusing on himself). Elder Bednar gave several great examples when Christ does this in the New Testament (GO READ THE TALK) and he also gives very powerful real life examples of your everyday latter day saint (GO READ THE TALK). He also talks a lot about conversion versus testimony (GO READ ABOUT IT) and how if we are converted, we will never fall away. Suffice to say that--oh wait, there is no suffice to say BECAUSE YOU JUST NEED TO READ IT OKAY? OKAY.

I hope you all are loving life! Thanks for all the love! 
The gospel is true! 

Con amor,
Hermana Anderson

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