Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 21st

Letter from Chloe, June 19, 2014

Dear Family,

I am officially Hermana Anderson! Grandma and Bob dropped me off at the MTC yesterday. It was very exciting as I walked through all the buildings to collect my books and nametags and everything.  Can you believe they gave me a new set of scriptures en Español?

So I'm actually not staying on the main campus of the MTC.  All Spanish-speakers stay in the MTC "west" which is Wyview.  We walk across the street to Raintree where the apartments function as classrooms.  They have a big trailer for our bookstore and another big one for the cafeteria.  There's a place to get hair cuts or have your buttons sewn on.  There's a travel office and a nurse.  It's like its very own miniature, Spanish-only, MTC (the Spanish acronym is CCM).

My companion is Hermana Robles (sic) from West Jordan.  She went to the U last year, so I know Dad already likes her.  The other sisters in my district are Hermanas Avila y Vargas.  And that's all!  Apparently we are the smallest district to have come through in a while.  There's another district of 5 in our zone who also arrived yesterday, and I suspect we'll all be fast friends.

The Spanish is good.  All of the Hermanas in my district grew up speaking Spanish in their homes, so they're definitely fluent.  But for the most part I understand everything they say.  It kind of depends on who's talking, actually.  For example, Elder Perez spoke almost like he had a small cotton ball in his mouth yesterday, preventing him form really making any hard sounds with his mouth.  I was lost!

Embarrassing story: In my first class yesterday (all in Spanish) Brother Stevenson was teaching us about our objectives as missionaries.  There's an actual thing in Preach My Gospel that is an objective you can memorize and recite.  He looks at me and I thought he asked "Do you have it memorized?" So I shook my head and said no.  The he goes, "You won't?" and I looked confused and basically he had asked me "will I" memorize it and I definitely told him no, ha, ha.

Hope y'all are having fun at home

con amor,

Hermana Anderson

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