Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14th

This week was transfers! I said goodbye to my mini-missionary Hermana Cruz, but not for long because we will be lifelong friends. And I received my new companion who is fresh from the MTC. That´s right, I´m training! Hermana Funes is from El Salvador and I think we are going to absolutley love our time together in Tierra Alta. She is my 7th companion in less than 7 months!!!!

The highlight of the week for me was definitely the Sisters´ Meeting we had. Everything was about unity and individuality and how the two mix beautifully. Each of us is COMPLETELY unique. Heavenly Father knows us each personally and perfectly. We are eternal. Your uniqueness has always existed and always will. It´s incredible, isn´t it?

This week we started teaching this guy and I fell in love with his soul. Let me explain. Not romantic. But it was such an instantaneous and passive thing that falling is the best term. He is soooooo human. I don´t know how else to explain it. He opened up to us with genuine questions and concerns and all of a sudden his soul was of infinite worth to me. I´ve never felt that way about any of the people I´ve taught--not even the ones who have been baptized. I feel like the Savior is instilling some of His perfect love in me to help and take care of one of God´s children. 

I am loving the work here!

Hope all is well and may the Lord shower blessings upon you!

Love Hermana Anderson

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